Christmas Time in Japan (Finding a furnished apartment in Tokyo)

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Christmas is being celebrated all around the globe in diversified ways depending on one’s country and culture. Like in the Hispanic countries, families eat a midnight feast called Nochebuena on Christmas eve. In Australia, it means sun, sand and barbecue because Christmas falls during the hot summer months of the country. In Germany, people rush to do Christmas shopping at their very jubilant Christmas market. Christmas is celebrated with a procession of eldest girls in their families wearing white gowns while holding a candle in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Similar to these countries, Japan also has interesting traditions in celebrating Christmas.

Since Japan is non-Christian country, Christmas is considered as a normal day to the Japanese. However, it does not mean that they do not celebrate it. Influenced by the cultures of the Westerners, the Japanese had somehow woven Christmas into their rich traditional culture.

     First thing you would see in Japan during the Christmas season are the vibrant illuminations around the country. Believe it or not, these Christmas Illuminations are such magnificent attractions to local and foreign tourists. The grand Christmas themed decorations you will find at high-end neighborhoods such as Omotesando, Ginza and Roppongi are a must-visit.

Winter Illumination at Nabana-no-Sato      Aside from the festive and jolly atmosphere in the air, Japanese people also celebrate love towards their romantic partners during the Christmas season. Gift shops are extremely busy attending to the whims and requests of their customers scrambling to get hold of presents to give to their sweethearts. Good thing, online shopping has arrived to make this gift-giving phenomenon convenient for busy people. Restaurants are fully booked by couples during Christmas Eve.

     Another Christmas tradition in Japan is the unique Christmas dish being served in every household – the Kentucky Fried Chicken! This tradition began in 1974 from one of KFC’s marketing strategies to somewhat replace turkey with fried chicken on the table during Christmas Eve. Until now, Japanese people wait in long lines outside KFC stores all around Japan to buy fried chicken for their Christmas dinner. Once you join the KFC craze during Christmas, do not forget to take a photo with KFC’s mascot, Colonel Sanders in a cute Santa Claus costume.

Colonel Sanders, wearing a mask, Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi      Sweets and desserts are never missing on the Christmas table. The Japanese people intend to keep this tradition alive. Christmas cakes are also given as gifts to friends and family. KFC and cake go well together in keeping the Christmas spirit alive amongst the Japanese.

December is the best season to visit Japan..

Japan, Tochigi - Nikko Senjogahara december 2014 4The month of December marks the start of the winter season in Japan. If you want to experience snow skiing, you can head north to Hokkaido. If you are not really a fan of the extreme cold weather, you can stay in Tokyo or Osaka and enjoy the right amount of chill to visit all the interesting places there. On the other hand, if you want a tropical Christmas vibe, you can head on to Okinawa. The weather there is warm but not humid. Japan is also very magical and picturesque during the month of December. The glistening beauty of the snow and the dazzling winter illuminations all over the country makes the occasion extra special.

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