The Japanese Sake (Rent Tokyo Furnished Apartment)

A popular alcoholic drink in Japan is Sake. Sake is made from rice, water, koji mold and yeast. The ingredients are then mixed and processed through fermentation. Like beer and wine, sake is a brewed alcoholic drink. In fact, sake would have around 15% – 17% alcohol. Being a Japanese favorite, sake is best when paired with almost all kinds of Japanese dishes. The rich yet light aroma of the sake complements the typical Japanese flavors beautifully.  Looking for a convenient and hassle-free rental procedure in Japan? Visit KaguAruoo, a rental website that lets you search, pick and rent furnished apartments in Japan online. With KaguAruoo, you can secure a Tokyo furnished apartment even before you arrive!

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How is Japanese sake made?

A good sake is graded based on the quality of the ingredients used. Superior brands of sake have been acquiring lots of audiences not just in Japan but overseas as well. On the other hand, the market for the standard and low-priced sake have become combative due to the presence of other types of alcoholic beverages. Below are some interesting points in getting a better understanding of the Japanese sake:

Matsui Sake Brewery's Sake 20211122The rice quality that is used in making sake has an important role in getting a better tasting sake. Rice should be well polished to achieve a premium taste of sake. The most polished rice produces the best quality sake and hencefort result to a higher priced sake. For superior brands of sake, about 30% or more of the rice is polished. The most rich and delicious superior brands of sake are the ginjo (about 40% of the rice is polished) and daiginjo (about 50% of the rice is polished). These sakes can be enjoyed as it is or paired with rich flavored dishes.

純米吟醸 (Junmai Ginjo) (15656231855)The alcohol content of the sake also plays a significant part in establishing the difference between the superior and inferior brands of sake. Due to the time consuming fermentation process, some manufacturers will add volumes of distilled alcohol into their sake. However, for the superior brands, distilled alcohol is not added, they allow the natural process of fermentation to take place into their sake. Thus, expensive sake is being classified as junmai (no added alcohol) and honjozo (small amounts of alcohol is added).

How to enjoy Japanese sake?

The renowned japanese drink "Sake"You can find sake almost everywhere in Japan. Like wine, sake also comes in different varieties. There is the sweet sake variety or ama-kuchi and the dry sake variety or kara-kuchi. Sake is served depending on the type of sake, the season and personal preference. Generally, a superior brand of sake is served chilled – you can taste the distinct richness of the sake’s flavor and aroma. For non-superior brands, they are mostly enjoyed hot and are normally served during the winter season.



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