Japan’s Beautiful Fall Festival and Furnished Apartments

Graded as one of Japan’s most beautiful festivals, this festival is a major event held during fall in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture – the Takayama Matsuri or popularly known as the Hachiman Festival. Each year, more and more crowds have visited this beautiful city to witness the festival. Visit Japan and join the crowd of spectators. Rent a furnished apartment in Takayama with KaguAruoo. A rental platform that lets you search, pick and rent furnished apartments in Japan, online.

20131010 20 Takayama - Autumn festival (10491261664)The Takayama Matsuri is held annually on October 9th and 10th. It is being held in honor of Ujigami, the god who protects the populace of the city around Takayama Castle. The festival also marks the start of the winter season. There are 11 magnificent floats to watch out for, alongside participants dressed in traditional samurai attire. The parade of the floats is held from morning to afternoon for two days (October 9 and 10) in the streets of Takayama. The floats are decorated marvelously with golden embellishments of intricate carvings, phoenixes and embroidery.

石橋台 石橋人形 (岐阜県高山市) - Panoramio 74300344Some of the floats are decorated with Karakuri – a type of puppets dressed in Chinese clothing and Karako – a boy and a girl puppet. The puppets are manned by professional puppeteers and would perform on the floats where they move, dance and jump to the shoulders of Hotei, the God of Fortune. A procession is also held on the first day of the festival where the Shinto god, Ujiami is placed in a mikoshi and is carried out of town. This is the only time of the year where the kami will leave its shrine.





Night procession, Takayama festival, 2017During the evening, the large floats are being flaunted throughout the city. These large floats are even more beautiful as more than a hundred chochin lanterns are being lighted, portraying a heavenly scenery as the floats pass.

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