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Union Monthly Nishi-Azabu3 #302 1K・Single bed・Relax style

About this listing

Government ID verified

Basic Amenities

Detailed Information
Housing Type:
Floor Plan: 1K
Area: 19㎡
Parking: Unavailable
Closest Station: Roppongi station
Distance from Station: 10 minutes
Year Constructed: 2003/12
Additional charge per person per day: ¥0(after 1 guest(s))
Contract Form: Fixed Term Lease
Witness of Tenant Departure: No
7 Days Rent: ¥41,510
30 Days Rent: ¥177,900


10 minutes walk to Roppongi Station! Comes with a popular sofa♪

Floor Plan of Property
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~ 80 meters = 1 min. Please convert the time it takes to walk from the station.
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