Privacy Policy

KaguAruoo (hereinafter referred to as “we”) shall comply with laws and regulations on protection of personal information as for handling of information of a user (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) provided by a customer (hereinafter referred to as “a user”) of our website and follow the “privacy policy” below.

  1. Purposes of use of Personal Information
    1. Our website shall use personal information for the following purposes.
      1. To conclude a contract for a monthly apartment, extend services based on a contract, provide fee-paying system and conduct other after-sale services
      2. To respond to, contact to and check requests and inquiries of materials and others from a user and provide other customer support
      3. To provide information of users about requests and inquiries of materials and others to those who provide information about a property
      4. To inform a user about our (or the website’s) questionnaire, a campaign, a service and a product, receive applications, ship gifts and confirm a status for the arriving
      5. To gather, contact about and check opinions and questionnaire etc. from users
    2. Information collected on the website following the sections below shall be used only within the scope of the sections in the previous article.
      1. This website may use Cookie and web beacons to enhance services provided to users and acquire statistic data. Information of these combined with ID, a pass ward, an account and IP address etc. that are used for the website shall be used by us to check usage status of users.
      2. We may use URL (individual URL) with a parameter coded to identify a user in an e-mail which informs a user about our services. The information collected by the use of an individual URL shall be handled by us as information to see users’ status.
      3. We may collect information on IP address and connection-source domains from a user’s access log on the website. The information shall be handled by us for analyzing users’ trends and others.
  2. Management of Personal Information

    Personal information acquired through the website shall be managed as follows.

    1. We shall train our employees on protection of personal information regularly and manage users’ personal information carefully.
    2. We shall minimize the number of employees who can use personal information and store/manage them under the environment where only a person in charge of the system selected beforehand from the aspects of facility and skills can access such information.
    3. We shall use SSL, a world-standard encrypted communication to a website which needs it to ensure security when we transmit data on personal information through the Internet.
    4. We shall comply with regulations and guidelines on protection of personal information and improve the internal system along those laws.
  3. Personal Information’s Provision to and Joint Use with a Third Party
    1. We shall never provide personal information to a third party unless agreed by a user except for the cases below.
      1. In case provision to a third party is permitted by a law
      2. In case we respond to a request from public organizations such as a court and police department
      3. In case it is difficult to acquire consent from a user at the time of emergency although protection of life, health and a property of a user or a third party is needed
    2. We shall acquire consent from a user in case we need to provide a user’s personal information to a third party such as the other party of a contract or other housing land and building dealers to administrate a contract and conduct after-sale services in accordance with 1. Purposes of use of Personal Information
    3. We shall take additional necessary measures on the website based on protection of personal information in case personal information is needed to be shared and jointly used.
    4. We may provide a user’s personal information to a third party after we process such information in a format where an individual cannot be identified and create the data.
  4. Outsourcing of Personal Information

    We may outsource a part or all of the operations on personal information on the website. In this case, we conclude a necessary agreement with such outsourcing contractor and manage/supervise personal information properly at the outsourcing contractor.

  5. Disclaimer
    1. In case we need to acquire some information from a user for the use of the website, we shall indicate it as such. If a user does not fill in the form, we may not contact a user, send some information nor allow a user to use a part of the service.
    2. Users shall take responsibilities and guarantee that their personal information given to our website from the users is up-to-date and accurate and we shall never take any responsibilities that the personal information is different from one of the current situation.
  6. Revision of “Privacy Policy”

    We may revise “Privacy Policy” of the website from time to time. In this case, we shall always post the latest “Privacy Policy” and consider that users agree with the content.

  7. Disclosure, Revision and Stop of the Use of Personal Information

    We deal with disclosure, revision, stop of the use and deletion of personal information (hereinafter referred to as “stop of the use and others”) after confirming that such request is made by a user him/herself by contacting

    Unless it is applicable to the following sections.

    1. In case there is a risk of infringing on a user’s or a third party’s life, health, property or other rights and profits due to disclosure of personal information
    2. In case disclosure of personal information is likely to pose an obstacle to conduct our operation properly
    3. In case disclosure of personal information is against other laws and regulations
    4. In case it is difficult to stop the use and others of personal information (ex: in case a large amount of money is needed to stop the use and others), and we take necessary alternative measures to protect a user’s rights and profits
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