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  • Slide show eb96e1d0 8353 42e2 a1b9 3f30808ede83

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    dishwares, kettle, cups and utensils.

  • Slide show 9e33b30b 69cc 4792 9ecc ba1a927db510

    IH cooking stove.

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  • Slide show b4433e96 22cd 403a a26a 47147648d7ea


  • Slide show f005776c 04fa 41a9 8890 75907c58ab68

    Oven toaster & microwave.

  • Slide show 3f0ed4b2 96a1 4f13 8201 8f7bde39b7e1

    Fridge & microwave.

  • Slide show 2e5ced59 8acb 4894 b58c 5e37dc5ac2c4

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    Rice cooker.

  • Slide show 8a14c040 0397 49c2 b2d3 667880dcebd9

    Iron & iron board.

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  • Slide show 378cff5f ee86 4ea2 868c 2c53b0961f5d

    TV in the dining room.

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  • Slide show 89aea7f3 2f12 43d6 80cd 525ade32946f

  • Slide show 5f7f5057 cfcd 4e5a b383 73096f583b04

    Interior of the first floor. Japanese shodo.

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  • Slide show 2a742819 41d6 44a3 8ced 577c90d6ba0d

    Bedroom on the first floor. Example image.

  • Slide show 99f04a15 0ecd 4098 a38b ce1850ef3db1

  • Slide show 0143e8df efeb 486e 830f f4d249b0d33b

  • Slide show 04afa4b1 a70d 48db a483 ddb369f51202

    To the shower room.

  • Slide show 3f433dff 83b3 4c09 9fd6 9aeec973151a

    Shower room on the first floor.

  • Slide show c8c911b3 38d4 4238 8b59 8a134066fa2e

    Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body soap.

  • Slide show 8628e523 6da8 4537 9ab7 1d78ebde1787

    washing area on the first floor.

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    リネンを設置したイメージです。 Example image.

  • Slide show 3183c78b 95f2 4e0b a096 3ace2fa03392

  • Slide show 28881907 a623 44f9 9b49 5868338f538e

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  • Slide show c922041f bad1 4a12 b902 1dd9bf9b2738

    2F Bath room & washing room

  • Slide show e74cb80a 19e1 4649 b063 c1231dd60b1c

    Bathroom on the second floor.

  • Slide show c5c5491a b012 42ac 8e5c be8bfa47b7d2

  • Slide show 7a6e1ffd 1fd3 44b5 a00c 9cbe5d59da2f

    Shampoo, conditioner, and bodysoap.

  • Slide show 4650ba72 e92b 442b 95aa f66011a02448

    Washing room on the second floor.

  • Slide show 07c6321b f391 4b52 9043 a293d2a5d350

  • Slide show 5eff4bc7 1dd9 4847 8cf3 600a146dbddc

  • Slide show 6376764f 3cf8 40f3 93c5 1c72f1f0d78f


  • Slide show 8be711a5 3a04 49e4 b4ab 37db6996c6df

  • Slide show 7ff8c1e2 de23 434a 97d6 fde864092958

    wash-let toilet on the second floor.

  • Slide show 4da2f609 ec09 45d4 a959 2577aa07e256

    2F Washing machine.

  • Slide show 56b41a0a 7999 47c7 86fb 665269ce567a

  • Slide show efeabb63 d1af 4d4e 982a af7f44d92fc4

  • Slide show cbca378d 77ef 4bc6 af9d 5b1a05463f8a

  • Slide show 7f268ced 7266 4b55 9061 a7e852f51dec

    Tokyo sky tree is 5 min by the local train.

  • Slide show 097bf10b 1b08 409d 87bb b31539d2f3c6

  • Slide show 7f5a150b 430e 416c 8e49 9acc71666ce1

    Asakusa is 10 min by the local train.

Cozy house Asakusa area/Direct airports & Metro subway/Long stay welcome!

About this listing


Government ID verified

Basic Amenities
InternetTelevisionAir ConditionerRefrigeratorWashing MachineBed
Additional Amenities
Dining table, kettle, sofa, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, towel

Detailed Information
Housing Type: House
Floor Plan: 2LDK
Area: 75㎡
Parking: Unavailable
Closest Station: Yotsugi station
Distance from Station: 1 minute
Year Constructed: 1985/3
Construction: Wood
Additional charge per person per day: ¥2,000(after 2 guest(s))
Contract Form: Temporary Lease
Witness of Tenant Departure: Yes
7 Days Rent: ¥42,000
30 Days Rent: ¥180,000


Near the station just one minute. Fully renovated Japanese house. Cosy atmosphere with stylish interior. Located on quiet residential area in downtown Tokyo. Good access to major sight-seeing spots. ( 5min to 40 min ) Supermarket and convenience store near by. Welcome to stay with your family and freinds. I am looking forward to your booking!

Floor Plan of Property
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