5 Festivals and Celebrations in Osaka You Don’t Want to Miss

Osaka, the vibrant city in Japan known for its lively atmosphere and unique cultural heritage, is a destination that embraces festivities and celebrations with open arms. From traditional ceremonies to modern events, Osaka offers a diverse range of experiences that are sure to delight locals and visitors alike. If you’re planning a trip to Osaka and want to immerse yourself in the local culture, make sure to check out these top 5 festivals and celebrations:

  1. Tenjin Matsuri: One of Japan’s three great festivals, the Tenjin Matsuri held in Osaka is a spectacular event that dates back over 1,000 years. Taking place on July 24th and 25th, this festival celebrates the deity of scholarship, Sugawara no Michizane, with colorful processions, traditional music, and dazzling fireworks. Don’t miss the famous boat parade on the Okawa River, which is the highlight of the festival.
  2. Osaka Castle Park Cherry Blossom Festival: In spring, Osaka Castle Park transforms into a sea of pink during the cherry blossom season. The annual Cherry Blossom Festival attracts locals and tourists who come to admire the beautiful sakura trees in full bloom. Enjoy a picnic under the cherry blossoms and soak in the enchanting atmosphere of this traditional Japanese celebration.
  3. Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri: Held in September, the Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri is a thrilling festival that showcases the bravery and skill of the locals. Watch as massive wooden floats known as ‘danjiri’ are pulled through the streets at high speed, accompanied by energetic chants and drumming. The adrenaline-pumping atmosphere of this festival is not to be missed!
  4. Osaka Ramen Expo: Calling all foodies! The Osaka Ramen Expo is a paradise for noodle lovers, featuring a wide variety of ramen stalls from across Japan. Sample different regional styles of ramen, from rich tonkotsu broth to spicy miso soup, and discover your favorite bowl of noodles. This delicious event is held multiple times throughout the year, so be sure to check the schedule and come hungry!
  5. Sumiyoshi Taisha Otaue Matsuri: Experience the ancient ritual of rice planting at the Sumiyoshi Taisha Otaue Matsuri, held in June at Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine. This traditional Shinto festival involves the symbolic planting of rice paddies within the shrine grounds, accompanied by sacred music and dance performances. Join the locals in celebrating the bounty of the harvest and the blessings of the rice gods.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Osaka by attending these exciting festivals and celebrations that showcase the rich traditions and spirit of the city. And while you’re exploring all that Osaka has to offer, why not consider staying in a convenient Osaka furnished apartment to make the most of your visit?